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Computer Repair

We specialise in pc, laptop and apple repairs covering the whole of Birmingham, we give all pricing upfront with a maximum workshop charge of £39.99.

No hourly charges, no ridiculous final repair bill, and we even work on a no fix no fee basis.

  • Screen replacements
  • Virus Removal
  • Keyboard Replacements
  • Chargers
  • DC Socket Replacement
  • DVD Drive Replacements
  • Power Supply’s
  • Memory & Processer
  • Virus Removal – All Viruses wll be removed as part of either of our Services (Please see services below)

Computer Upgrades

We find many customers who are struggling with a slow, unresponsive or maybe even a faulty PC or Laptop feel they have to find the money for a new computer either when they cant really afford one or are happy with the one they have if it would only work properly. We can upgrade PCs and Laptops from as little as £50 which will give the computer a whole new lease of life often being better than the day it was purchased. For slightly more we can usually make it faster than a brand new computer off the shelf.

We also specialise in Gaming PC and Laptop upgrades, so if you would like to discuss how to take you Gaming Computer to the next level, get in touch either by phone or using our contact form at the top of the page.

For more information or for some FREE advice please call us on 0121 329 3572


At Birmingham Computer Shop, we offer 2 different Desktop Computer and Laptop services, both of our services include the removal of any Spyware and Viruses, the install of all up-to-date drivers, anti-virus protection and Windows updates.

PC or Laptop Service

We give your computer a total 30 point refresh, leaving it running as smoothly as the day it was purchased, if not faster! (your data and email are untouched) if the computer is past the point of return, we will ofer you a Windows Refresh for only extra £10.

Windows Refresh

All your data is are backed up. We then format the computer and install a clean copy of your windows, up-to-date drivers, antivirus, and office. We also transfer your databack. Your computer now has a new lease of life, running better then when it was purchased.